Christian Girls Guide to Traveling to New Orleans

Every year, without fail, people ask me how I travel to New Orleans as a Christian woman and not “lose my religion.” Initially, I found myself offended by this question as I don’t consider my Christianity up for auction or sale when I travel; but, I’m beginning to see and understand how some people might find themselves in a “bind” coming down to NOLA.

As a Christian woman, I am bound to my principles and values no matter where I go, and I filter my experiences through the lens of “What would Jesus do? What SHOULD I do?” I will not be a perfect Christian in any city, but I do know how to exercise grace and restraint when I’m out and about in these streets! Once upon a time you may have found me on the table tops on Bourbon Street and sipping through daiquiris from sun up to sun down, but I’m changed! My life has been changed, and so have my desires which make my time in any city exciting and adventurous!

So, for those of you that feel conflicted when traveling, I’ve decided to share this “Christian Girls Guide to Traveling to New Orleans” in hopes that you can boost your spiritual esteem and find new ways to explore without falling into the traps of sins that may have once held you back.

  1. Set your travel guidelines BEFORE your trip: don’t wait to get on the ground and decide your “Dos” and “don’t” Decide what activities are best suited for your Christian lifestyle and what you can and cannot do on ground. For instance, I was a habitual drinker when I lived in NOLA. And, I partied every day all day without fail. I know that if I spend my days in New Orleans drinking and partying I will place myself in a compromising position and end up praying those “Lord forgive me prayers” that seem hard to receive! SO, I limit my exposure to alcohol and parties to ensure that I’m not swayed in the wrong direction.
  2. Keep your daily prayer and devotional habits going! Don’t shelf the Bible because you’re in the Big Easy! Use the whole armor of God to keep your mind renewed and your desires in line with God’s plan for your life.
  3. Plan your itinerary around experiences that fortify you and reinforce your beliefs! Once upon a time, my trips to NOLA were strictly parties and pleasure! Now, with my faith in tow, my trips are planned around culture and festivities! I use my annual trips to Essence Festival as a time to boost my cultural exposure in New Orleans and connect with the people and places that I love. This year, I integrated my family on the front end of my trip, and we did a ton of cultural exploration which was fascinating for me. Did we cross Bourbon Street? Absolutely. Did we take a Bourbon Street stroll? NO. Why not? Because strolling down Bourbon is not a family experience that reinforces beliefs and quality time for my children. I suggest restaurants, swamp tours, history tours, and other local experiences to make your trip come alive really!
  4. Travel with people who desire a similar experience to you! You have to know who you’re traveling with and what they’d like to see out of the time on ground. No surprises from the wild friend or the friend who doesn’t share your beliefs, because you’ve already talked about what the trip will look like! I love traveling with friends who respect my values and help me honor them no matter how attractive the city or surroundings may be. So think twice before you start picking the friends for the trip!

This list could go on and on, and I may do a part 2! But for now, I hope this helps to keep some of you centered as you travel to New Orleans and abroad! If you’re in New Orleans during Essence Festival, be sure to visit the New Orleans Convention Center for empowering talks and activities that make your time in NOLA fun! Lastly, get an exciting vacation rental in NOLA with All the Rooms! 

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