Episode 4: The Power of Being Still

Ep. 4 The Power of Being Still

Things seem much easier when we try to figure them out on our own. Why bother to wait for someone to give us their opinion? Better yet, why wait on God’s orders? Why not figure things out our way? Now let’s be honest. Do you find your life progressing towards your goals efficiently when you try to figure and manage them out on your own?

Happily, this episode informs you of the importance of following God’s timeline and trusting your confidence to cast your vision. Once you do this, He will give you the steps and solutions along the way.

In this episode, you would discover:

  • The different ways the Power of Being Still can reduce confusion and uncertainty
  • What does stillness and exaltation encompass?
  • How do we gain power in being still when life is requiring a response?
  • Where God’s advantage comes from
  • How to create a sense of stillness
  • Three breakthrough questions that would prohibit you from fighting supernatural affairs with natural weapons


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