Five Questions You Should Answer to Establish Your Personal Brand Power

Your personal brand is the bread and butter of your personal and professional existence. Why? Because everything you say and do influences your ability to create meaningful engagement and meet your needs and desires for a more fulfilling life. Does everyone have a personal brand? Absolutely. Each one of us has a reputation and results that have all been driven by our dedication towards our mission, our outcomes, and our engagement with others. Some people have a personal brand that is built as an indirect result of their investment of time and energy towards their personal and professional life. But for many, their personal brand power has been established as the centerpiece of their legacy, an intentional effort to elevate or promote a message that resonates with people uniquely.

If you’re in the mood for “personal branding,” it’s entirely possible that you’re preparing to shake the world with all the elements that make your brand amazing. But before you do, grab your journal, prepare to take valuable notes, and get ready to make your mark!

If you want to establish your brand power, I suggest you consider the following:

  1. What is your story?
    Let’s start here. With my work as Owner and Chief Brand Enthusiast at Legacy Row, I connect with so many people who desire to build their brand persona, but are unclear on the story, or the message behind their brand. Many people fail because they want consumers to buy into a story that they are not entirely convinced.Your brand story is the foundation of your brand identity.
    Who are you and what do you stand for?
    What are the keywords that identify your personal story?Whether you’ve been intentional or not, your personal brand story is already being established. It’s identified in your key attributes, the very thing that you’re most known for. If you want to define those attributes, I suggest grabbing three people that you trust and asking them to describe you with five words. You’ll then discover the alignment between specific characteristics that are at the core of your brand DNA. From there, take the time to learn how those key attributes play out in the form of your brand story on a daily, person by person basis.
  2. What is your mission?
    Having an authentic brand story is essential, and having a mission is equally as important! Self-promotion should not be the motivation for developing your brand. Development of your brand should be for the benefit of others, as part of your contribution to this world. Your mission should be of some service to the world so that others can be inspired by your brand story and your calling.Take the time to discover your mission.
    What would you like to see as a result of your time here on Earth?
    How would you like to make your mark?
    What will your legacy reflect?Answering these questions will help you understand and own your calling or your mission.
  3. What goods or services are you promoting?
    Your brand story is necessary, your mission is critical, and identifying your service offering is crucial to the performance of your brand. If you want to measure the impact of your brand, you must determine where you expect to see your results. Having a social following is not enough if you’re looking to generate revenue through a product. Creating a product is not enough if you’re clear on your brand story and mission. Promoting your name is not enough if you don’t have a clear service or product offering for people to consume.Stop where you are and consider this: How do you expect people to interact with your brand?
    What would you like for people to consume as a result of engaging with your brand?
    Where do you foresee your revenue being generated?
  4. What are your outcomes?
    If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, it’s imperative that you set your expectations around the results that you seek to achieve. Many people, many brands grow exhausted in the marketing of their goods or services because they aren’t clear on what they would like to accomplish. For most, revenue would be an immediate outcome, but revenue isn’t easily achieved if the key performance indicators aren’t set to meet the marketing outcomes.Ask yourself the following questions: How do I expect to measure results around my brand?
    What are three key measures of impact that will serve my outcome?
  5. What is your consumer CTA?
    Your CTA, or call to action, is your instruction towards your consumers that will provoke an immediate response. Why is this important? Because as your brand manager, you’ll need to guide your consumers through their engagement process. Being the head of your brand means that you must consider how you will retain those people that you connect with for long-term relationship. It’s a bit like going from dating to marriage with the exception that you’ll need multiple spouses to create the impact that you desire from your CTA! (Joking, but you get the point!)For a budding speaker, a strong CTA would be to “Book me at your next event.” For a product creator, a strong CTA would be to “purchase now and save 15% on your order.” For an internet marketer, a strong CTA would be to “sign up for my newsletter to receive a special preview of my next article”. And for my brand I would say “To build your brand power, sign up for a complimentary consultation from Legacy Row.”Now let’s turn the tables towards your personal brand CTA’s. I suggest one simple instruction that will drive consumers to your most engagement and allow for future nurturing through your communication channels (that’s another article, coming soon!)

For example The Great Girlfriends Show

Let’s take my podcast, The Great Girlfriends as an example. When my business partner and I started this show, we wanted to create a conversational series where we shared our insights on topics that women were already discussing.

What was our story? My partner, Brandice Daniel and I are two mompreneurs, who are both married, and experienced as women with lessons that extend beyond age, race, and socioeconomic status. We are imperfect and aspirational, successful on some levels and still growing in others. We share “life…love…laughter…and everything in between.” We’re no experts. We’re merely two women who do the work, learn the lessons and get the results.

What’s our mission? Our mission was to bridge women with solutions that were practical and applicable across every area of their life, from women they could trust. We started small, but with a big mission.

What’s our good or service?

We are in the business of womanhood, offering life solutions in the form of content. While we are currently in podcast form, our mission and offering open us up to an entire world of additional goods and services that will organically extend our brand offering. We have already moved beyond the podcast to speaking engagements, and soon into books, events, promotional products, and other more extensive media channels. Again, with our mission in front of us, and an authentic story, our goods and services align with our consumers’ needs.

What are our outcomes?

Our outcomes are to impact women around the world through our content, grow our engagement via the show, social media, and speaking engagements, and increase our product offering. Since our birthdate (July 29, 2015), we’ve gone from 0- 280,000+ downloads, from 0-100 countries, from 0 on social to over 25,000 actively involved community members across all of our medians and more! Remember, we started with an idea, but grew it with the intention to tell an authentic story with a mission, outcomes, and goods that would drive consumers to action. And it’s working! We’re on the brink of something phenomenal all because we took the time to consider the value of establishing the foundation of the brand identity.

What is our CTA?

We request that every Great Girlfriend “listen.share.repeat.” With word of mouth as our number one means of marketing, we love when a person (1) listens to one or more episodes of our podcasts (2) shares with friends through all of their social medians (3) repeat this process each week! We know that our podcast is sticky, so as a consumer repeats this process, we increase their dedication to our brand and our mission, and they become raving fans and brand ambassadors! This CTA has grown our base on social, increased our weekly downloads, increased our social proof, and strengthened our base.

If you’re at the beginning of elevating your brand, I urge you to answer the above questions with certainty. Then, allow yourself time to absorb your answers for the sake of clarity as you prepare to elevate your message and make your brand thrive!

I can’t wait to hear your stories of personal brand power! Please share them with me by leaving your comments below.

Be bold, be BRAVE,



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