Goodbye Insignificance. Hello DREAMS!

I found out my rapper name in NOLA!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Great Girlfriends Tic Tac Toe Challenge on the Walmart stage during Essence Fest in New Orleans with my business partner Brandice Daniel. A photo was captured where I looked as if I was dropping BARS on the mic to the crowd.

“NOLA Slim” & Brandice Daniel | Walmart Stage | Essence Fest ’18

A local friend texted me and said “you know if you were a rapper your name would be NOLA Slim ‘cause that’s where you got your start!” and I laughed hysterically at the thought that a subtle IG post sent my friends imagination moving towards my future life as a rapper!

But in true Sybil form, I went deeper. What happens when we put our imaginations to work? What kind of life can we manifest if we imagine differently? How can the very same people that are in our lives now be activated to help us build on our dreams?

I have no desire to be NOLA Slim, but I do desire to believe, speak, build, and manifest ALL that God has made possible for me. I want to bust the limits off of every thought that has been restricted by doubts and fears. I want to bask in the full potential of all of my dreams and explore them with bravery. And, I want to receive my entire portion from each and every person that holds significance in my life. I felt complimented by that simple text from my friend because she was willing to wander down the road of “what if” long enough to customize my rapper name! How many more friends and family members are waiting to be invited into my destiny?

Putting my imagination to work and exploring with bravery has allowed me to love, get married, and have children, a grace that I didn’t know existed inside of me. Being curious about the “What ifs” has given me the confidence to build multiple businesses and work as a brand strategist with some fantastic brands moving the needle on projects that seemed bigger than me. Exploring with bravery has made me an advocate for women, a resource for the wounded, and a safe space for those that dare to say they want more than what’s in front of them.


Because I was tired of being my own victim and being so self-centered that I couldn’t see how my depression was sucking the life out of my relationships. I was tired of being quiet when I knew that other women needed my courage and my voice. I was tired of seeing my life pass me by and standing on the sidelines screaming for help but feeling like no one could even see me because I couldn’t truly see myself.

I’m saying all of this because someone reading needs the reminder that YOU COUNT. Your IDEAS COUNT. Your STORY COUNTS. Your VOICE COUNTS. Your BRAVERY COUNTS. You COUNT.

It’s easy to feel insignificant when your friends are all getting married and you’re wondering when you’ll ever meet a man. It’s easy to feel insignificant when you see women thriving in business and you’re at a job that you hate. And it’s easy to feel insignificant when you’ve prayed for it, fasted for it, and believed for it, but other people seem to get their blessings faster than you.

If you’re sitting in the belly of insignificance and wondering how to move out of that place of “woe is me,” here are a few things to remember:

  1. God doesn’t create anything or anyone in vain. When you were created, it was done with a purpose that would serve His great plans for this earth, which includes you and many other people that you’ve yet to touch. Even if you were born into a mess, you were created and intended for a higher purpose and plan.
  2. You have a choice in the matter. Your perspective is the bridge between your pit and your platform. If you can look beyond what’s been holding you down and look towards where God wants to take you, I assure you the bridge will be shorter and the journey far less painful. Knowing that you have a choice in the matter will empower you to breathe life into your situations and focus on things that are of value for your future.
  3. Help is on the way! Sometimes the belly of insignificance is an opportunity to get rid of hidden pockets of pride so that God can send in lifelines that you will be willing to receive. There’s nothing more frustrating than a prideful person who needs help but can tell you all the reasons why help hasn’t worked in the past because they’ve tried it all! Sis, are you in need or not? Receiving help is a huge gateway towards resuscitating life, but you must be willing to receive it!

Take it from NOLA Slim (it’s starting to grow on me!), if you need help building the right bridges, I am here to support you. If you’re interested in learning more about BRAVE, my private growth circle program for women, click here. If you need a personal boost in your ear on a daily basis, I invite you to listen to my two podcasts, The Great Girlfriends, and The Grace Podcast. Both shows are designed to offer you solutions and support each day.

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  • Kristen Pope

    I LOVED this Sybil! Thank you for being so transparent, vulnerable and authentic! You’re a gift!

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