How Sybil Amuti Uses Her Faith to Help Influence The Lives Of Women

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Sybil Clark Amuti, is a brand strategist, philanthropist, podcaster, wife, mom. She is the owner of Legacy Row a company dedicated towards the development of legacy brands that serve as influencers for culture and lifestyle. Sybil is also the co-creator of The Great Girlfriends, a podcast reaching over 250,000 downloads from over 100 countries with a 5 star iTunes rating, and with her newest podcast, Grace to be released in October 2017. Grace is dedicated to helping women grow in their relationship with God through love for his Word. She and her husband and I have two beautiful children, Sam (boy) and Dylan (girl), ages 8 and 6. We had a chance to catch up with Sybil to discuss what role Faith plays in her life, and how has it helped her in developing her brand and the brand of others.

How would you define faith and spirituality?
Faith for me is defined as placing hope (or confidence) in God based on your belief in His ability to perform what He has promised. Spirituality is an elevated experience that aligns the heart and mind, allowing God to move through you.

What are some examples that you faced that made you want to hold only to your faith?
My early 20s were tough years, as I suffered severe depression and attempted suicide. At the age 19 by someone that I knew and trusted raped me, and that experience nearly took the wind out of me. I spent three years denying that it even happened and questioned whether or not life was worth living. I held that secret for three years, and I drank and partied my way through college hoping people would notice that I was hurting on the inside and break my cover. Despite my party habits, I was an excellent student and managed to balance school and work faithfully, but I was dying inside. I didn’t want to cling to God, but He was clinging to me. And, I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t know how I would be able to live dealing with the shame and humiliation that I felt from being raped and then being depressed.

How did you overcome these trials, and what made you not give up?
It was in my darkness that I saw the light. God was consistently showing me that He was there, but I needed to lean in and trust Him to deliver me from the pain that I was facing. After three years of severe depression, I heard God saying “you’ve tried everything except Me. Give me a chance to show you what life is really about.” and I did. I leaned into my faith aggressively, left behind alcohol and partying, and focused on healing. I began to spend time alone in the park and just face the sky. I dug deep into nature and saw how I couldn’t even keep count of God’s display of abundance through nature. I would practice smiling at strangers and looking them in the eyes, and I could see God in and through people. I began to discover that God was surrounding me and loving me in ways that were deeper than I had ever accepted, and my mind/expectation/life as a whole was elevated.

What advice would you give other women based on your belief?
My faith is the center of my life. It’s my rooting, my compass, and my core. I believe that God’s love is the force that keeps all of the humanity connected. Because God is love, I believe that we are meant to display His heart towards humanity in the way that we serve one another here on earth. I know that once I accepted my responsibility as a distributor of love, my healing took place. The love I gave was the love that healed me. And the love that healed me is also the love that can heal you. It doesn’t matter what you’re facing, God’s love in your life can conquer your hurts once and for all.

How has your faith help to propel you within your industry?
My faith in God has allowed me to create personal connections in professional settings. When I’m working, I understand that I am working with other humans, who have hearts and have needs. I take the time to understand who they are and how I can add value or bless their lives. I look to give an advantage because that’s what love does, and I always seek to leave people with hope and optimism that what they do matters to the world. This life we live is much bigger than the US. It’s about all of the humanity.

How has your faith guided you throughout life and other opportunities within your career?
My faith has led me to invest my time and resources as an early adopter on projects that are now fully thriving. I’ve also been able to impart vision as a brand strategist that incorporates a passion for humanity and encompasses a desire to see humans thrive. I believe that perspective has opened doors for me to invest my thought leadership in some exciting environments that only God could have placed me in.

What does it mean to be an empowered woman of Faith?
As an empowered woman of faith, I feel a responsibility to elevate other women where I am now, and where I’m going. I recognize that my gifts and talents are valuable and should be used to propel others forward, and that rewards me as much as it does others.

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