“I am ____.” Six Affirmations to Design Your Life

One of my greatest pleasures is imparting wisdom (birthed from all of the many mistakes I’ve made) into the lives of other women, with the hopes that they can avoid some of the pitfalls and landmines that life has to offer. Just this past Tuesday, I was blessed to speak at the St. Louis Young Women’s Leadership Conference, where I shared and learned so much! I realize now, more than ever, our teens are leading the pack…from starting multimillion dollar businesses to activism, advocacy, and all around game-changing ideas that are changing our world. When I was a teen, my only desire was to become an adult because THEN and only THEN would my voice be seen, heard, and respected by adults. Well, that day is over, as the influence of digital technology has afforded our teens the ability to intersect with the WORLD and participate in world affairs much earlier than we were.

Despite all of their integration and ability, our teens are still struggling to embrace the idea of being “enough.” In a study by the Dove Self Esteem Fund, by age 13, 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school, and relationships with family and friends.

That number alarms me, as it says that the majority of our girls are struggling with

  1. Doubt that they’re enough in the skin they’re in
  2. Unbelief in the idea they qualify to achieve beyond a certain level personally or professionally (academically)
  3. People bondage or the need to be accepted to feel that they belong (anywhere)

All of this tears away at my heart as I can recall being a teen who struggled with at least two of the above. I remember struggling with wanting to be like my sisters, always needing a second opinion, and not really trusting my instinct because I hadn’t developed my confidence in my own voice. I was silently suffering from doubts about whether or not I could perform well after high school and fear of what was to come in college.

“Am I smart enough to succeed in college?”

Will I be able to compete in the real world?”

“What happens if I fail?”

“What if everyone else is smarter than me?”

Little did I know, many of my peers were feeling the same, but no one was sharing their pain. Why? Because so many of us are taught to suffer in silence and to believe that suffering is shameful. Isn’t that a SHAME! (and I mean shame!)

As I spoke before the room of 150 young women, I imagined them becoming women, who would feel the same deep inferiority if their internal war is never won. A sense of responsibility overwhelmed me, and I fought tears long enough to impart six simple daily affirmations to design the life they deserve. I am sharing these with you now so that you can reinforce these critical truths in your heart each day.

  1. I am enough! Plain and simple. If every woman young and old would affirm this daily, we wouldn’t settle for complacency in any area of our lives. I love the idea of living life as “a WOMAN who achieves….” versus “an achiever of …..who happens to be a WOMAN.” My womanhood is enough because the grace that God has given me is enough.

  2. I am capable! I can set standards for my life regardless of what my family’s standards may be. I am capable of starting a revolution that will transform societal norms. I am capable of pushing boundaries that have limited generations of women before me. I am capable of dreaming in a world driven by harsh realities.

  3. I am purposed! God designed me to stand up and stand out! I am extraordinary in form which means purpose propels me into my destiny.

  4. I am accountable! I am accountable to my spiritual, mental and physical growth. I consider the next generation of doers and disruptors. I am accountable to my family, my culture, my legacy.

  5. I am strong! When life is requiring me to grow and evolve, I am STRONG! I am strong when people try to bring me down. I am strong when I feel weak because God is within me!

  6. I AM THE ONE! I am the one that will shape my future! I am the one who will dare to be different! I am the one the world has been waiting on!

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou that states “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” When I reflect on this quote, I think of how many young woman and women tell one story on the outside but bear the agony of an untold story on the inside. We wear a facade of success but feel like we’re dying due to insecurity, shame, and failure. My hope is that affirming spiritual truths such as the ones above can create the healing and restoration that will build on our confidence as women, ultimately framing our world in a way that gives us fulfillment and hope for the future!

What is one of your favorite “I am ___” statements? Share them with me in the comments below.

Be bold, be BRAVE,



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