Quieting Fear to Let Your Voice Speak Loud

I can remember standing in the bathroom mirror and practicing my resignation speech over, and over again.

I went through the words that would speak my heart and intent, but clarify my courage to leave for my next level. Every time I finished it, expecting to feel at peace, I felt a knot of fear in my stomach – and I would say it all over again. For months, I rehearsed telling some of my favorite people at a company I helped to build that I would be saying farewell for…. what? For what? That’s where I was stuck.

I knew it was time to move forward. Everything in my mind and body was slowly exiting the building. But I was so afraid to let the people I love down. I thought, “what will they think of me?”“Will they support me?”, and most importantly, “What if I fail?” As the chief strategy officer making six figures with a husband and two kids, failure was not an option. So what was I going towards, and what would I be leaving behind?

I was leaving behind the bondage. I was leaving behind unhealthy loyalty to the point of self-neglect. I was leaving behind the inferiorities that made me feel unequipped for the road ahead. I was leaving behind the self-rejection that caged me into the need for affirmation from others. And I was moving towards my truth.

As a woman, I spent years in fear of the calling on my life, feeling like my inferiorities disqualified me from being a voice for other women.

I lied to myself, saying that I needed approval before I could pursue anything greater than what I already had. Now, I recognize the truth that I don’t need validation for what my heart is speaking. When I became honest about where my passion lies, then stepping forward into the world of personal and professional development for women was not optional, it was a requirement. Letting go of the fear that kept me from my own voice gave me confident assurance that simply moving towards my truth was the best step I could take.

Was my life terrible as the CSO of a startup? Not at all. In fact, it was dreamy on some levels. But, I knew that my story was incomplete. The years that we live add up to a story that we will one day leave behind. And if we don’t pursue our mission, we never get to experience the depth of what life has to offer. This legacy I wanted to leave became my passion: I want women around the world to be ignited by love and light, and to exemplify this in the life I live. My mission is to make this happen everywhere that I go, one moment at a time.


Having a firm understanding of my mission and passion makes me more intentional around how I show up in the world each day.

Now, I can totally see why I had to take that huge leap of faith a few years ago to experience the fullness I feel today. After 18 months as the founder of my brand strategy firm, Legacy Row, the co-creator of a thriving podcast, The Great Girlfriends, a speaker, wife, mom, blogger, and champion for women, I get it. I was limiting all of myself by the titles and roles others saw me for, instead of owning my truth. I would have never known the power of who I am as a woman if I hadn’t decided to take ownership of my story, gotten real with my heart, and forged a relentless pursuit towards the meaning of life.

So, I turn to you. Are you wondering how in the world you can even begin to move past your fears in exchange for your abundant life? Are you ready to explore your depth as a woman and redefine how you show up every day? If so, remember this along the way:

Take ownership of your story. This is your life. Not your mother’s journey, your boss’ life, or your friend’s playbook. Many times we as women wait for permission or approval on the decisions we make each day. Sometimes we forsake our own heart and mind for the validation we get from those who we deem as superior over us. Your life is your reality, and you deserve to chart your course! What is the truth about who you are? Answer that with a full heart, withholding nothing from yourself and honoring your capacity to be your best self.

Rehearse your victories. You’re a conqueror! Think about it – you didn’t come this far by chance. When I look at my life and all of the times I thought I failed, I realize that those moments were only stepping stones to my next moment of strength. Yes, I’ve been mentally knocked down, felt insecure, and ultimately questioned my purpose. But, I now see the victory behind every story of failure or disappointment. You are still standing because you are fully equipped to overcome anything that diminishes your joy and power. Try spending at least 5 minutes a day in meditation and reflection around gratitude, rehearsing moments of victory that reward my self-esteem. Then, define what your next great success will be, and go after it.

Dive into community. If you want to own your story, you’ll need to immerse yourself into a community of people, tools, and resources that will help you draft your own blueprint. For example, being in the Yellow Collective automatically aligns you with women who share similar interests, aspirations, and lifestyles. Find a village of like-minded dreamers and doers who share your interests, seek mentorship from women who have gone before you and can share insight, study best practices from your field, and act the part.

This transition has not been the easiest for me, but certainly the most rewarding. Remember, this is your life to live, and your day to make it happen. Trust me – there’s an army of women cheering you forward as you walk the road ahead. Be passionate about where your life is going, and never let fear forsake your voice from within.

Photos by: Grey & Elle

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