Start Strong! 10 Dynamic Tips for Kickstarting Your Day

Let’s face it: each one of us wakes up every day and does SOMETHING! Even if you’re doing NOTHING, you’re still actually doing SOMETHING! Most of us look back at the end of the day and hardly recount where the time went.  How many times have you been at work, looked up, and it’s already 3 pm? Then you make the classic statement “Wow, I can’t believe it’s 3 pm, where did the day go?” Well, you’re not alone.

But there’s hope! We know that within the course of 24 hrs, there are specific outcomes that we each need to achieve to feel accomplished. In my life, I need to make sure I’ve invested time with God, invested time with my husband and kids, worked out, done productive work on my business, and connected with at least one friend to say hello. For me, that’s a lot, and can seem impossible…but it’s NOT! It’s a matter of kickstarting my day with the intent of delivering on my purpose and sharing my gifts with the world.

And the same goes for you! When you kickstart your day, you get ahead of the hours, and you can prepare yourself mentally for what you need to accomplish. Kickstarting your day makes it more powerful because you’ve loaded your mind with a plan that your body can execute on.  Lastly, kickstarting your day puts you in charge! You’re leading your time and energy, versus your inbox, text messages and social media taking over!

Ready to kickstart? Here are a few tips for making each day a POWER DAY!

  1. Establish a consistent time that you wake up each morning. Plan an hour that is ahead of the rest of your family, and gives you time to pace yourself in the morning. My goal hour is 5:30 am, though right now I’m trending consistently at 7am. (PRAY FOR ME!) Building consistency around your wakeup time gets your body mind and spirit trained to work for you! Give yourself about 90minutes to 2hrs before your travel time to get prepped each day!

  2. Spend 20-30 minutes in deep breathing/prayer when you wake up. Many of us are awakened by alarms that scream at us or startle us, making our bodies tense and tight. Before you step out of bed, sit up in place, turn the alarm off, and just breathe. When I do this, I like to reflect on my gratitude to God for my life, my family, my purpose, grace, and all things good that exist in my world. I love to pray at the top of my morning in expectation for a great day and relieving myself of any concerns or fears that may have lingered from the previous day.

  3. Use the bathroom, wash your face and brush your teeth! This seems like the natural next step, but how many of us bypass this for a quick Facebook review or social update? (I’ve been guilty of that for sure!). If you skip this essential step, you move into the next stage of your day feeling unprepared and gritty because you hygiene is not prioritized! Using the restroom relieves your body of pressure and toxins from the overnight cleansing, washing your face refreshes your pores and energizes you, while brushing your teeth cleans your palette and gives you a clean, fresh mouth. Not to mention the mint in most toothpaste is a proven mood enhancer! (please note: showers are considered a part of daily hygiene and should be added to list as needed. If you shower at night, COOL! If you don’t, please shower in the am!)

  4. Power outfit! Time to pick out an outfit that will make you feel creative, empowered, happy, and charged all day! My favorite go-to splash colors are pink, orange, turquoise, and yellow!  What colors make you feel vibrant and empowered to win all day long? Add a splash to your outfit for a constant reminder throughout the day that you are WINNING!

  5. Eat your breakfast and take your vitamins! Even if it’s something like a yogurt parfait and some fruit (my favorite!), give your day the nutrients it needs to start strong! And don’t forget your “go to” vitamins that boost your physical energy.

  6. Map out your moves for the day! Take about 30 minutes to map out your work/play time for the day. Start with your goal for the day. What do you want to see accomplished on this day that will serve your life mission and values? Write that down, followed by the outcomes that you will deliver on during your time. Remember: you’re in control of what takes place for the day.  Even when it seems as though your work is planned for you, you have the ability to include “planned work” into your mapping, so that you can take lead over the time dedicated towards it. Make sure you include time to connect with family and friends at some point during your day, as well as dinner and downtime in the evening to provide balance. (also please include time for step 7!)

  7. Spend about 30 minutes updating your social media! I generally wouldn’t even include this in a tip, but I’m doing so now because it’s inevitable that many of us will spend time throughout our days on social media! So, I suggest that you bake social media into your day at three times: before you leave home, during lunch, and after dinner! If you give yourself an hour each day to engage on your favorite platforms, you’ll be focused during your productive hours while also connected during your social hours. It’s very important to separate the two times UNLESS being on social media is a part of your productivity for your job (be honest about this!).

  8. Pack a LUNCH: Most people regret the amount of money they spend on lunch each week, all because there wasn’t proper planning. But not you! Take about 15 minutes to pack a quick meal so you can keep that Chipotle money in your pocket (smile!)

  9. Commute! To make your commute come alive, select your favorite music or favorite podcast, get the temperature set in your car, and get MOVING! I usually listen to songs that make me feel confident in the am (my go-to is “Run the World: GIRLS” by Beyonce – this song puts my mind in BOSS MODE!). Or I listen to speakers that freshen my perspective (I love podcasts by Sara Jakes, Michael Hyatt, and many more). What will make your commute come alive?

  10. Take Charge! Before you enter the doors of your company, make the decision that you have been graced to exceed all expectations for the day! Tell yourself that you are mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared to accomplish all things. Lastly, carry your mission with you throughout the day and in every decision that you make! You are the woman selected by God and man to make this power day come alive!

What are some of the ways that you kickstart your day? I would love to know more in the comments below!

Be bold, be BRAVE,



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