Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time

Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time Where did October go? Are we really in the last week of the month, and closing out the last quarter of 2018? WOW! Anyone else feeling like we [...]

Goodbye Insignificance. Hello DREAMS!

I found out my rapper name in NOLA! Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Great Girlfriends Tic Tac Toe Challenge on the Walmart stage during Essence Fest in New Orleans with my business [...]

Start Strong! 10 Dynamic Tips for Kickstarting Your Day

Let’s face it: each one of us wakes up every day and does SOMETHING! Even if you’re doing NOTHING, you’re still actually doing SOMETHING! Most of us look back at the end of the day and hardly [...]

“I am ____.” Six Affirmations to Design Your Life

One of my greatest pleasures is imparting wisdom (birthed from all of the many mistakes I’ve made) into the lives of other women, with the hopes that they can avoid some of the pitfalls and [...]

Six Ways to Live Out Loud in 2018

You only live once! And life is waiting for you to jump in and take control! Living it up doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money, but it does take you doing things you’ve never done [...]

How Sybil Amuti Uses Her Faith to Help Influence The Lives Of Women

View this article and more on   Sybil Clark Amuti, is a brand strategist, philanthropist, podcaster, wife, mom. She is the owner of Legacy Row a company dedicated towards [...]

Do You Believe in Love? Four Life Lessons About Love

Do you believe in love? That’s a question I found myself pondering as I tethered between wanting to take my life and wanting to live again. I can recall the summer of 1999 in NYC, feeling [...]

Quieting Fear to Let Your Voice Speak Loud

I can remember standing in the bathroom mirror and practicing my resignation speech over, and over again. I went through the words that would speak my heart and intent, but clarify my courage to [...]

5 Ways to Say Yes to Your Dreams

So many women reject their dreams because they haven’t cultivated trust in their own ability to achieve the impossible.2 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience one of your [...]