Three Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now

Hello hello! And happy new year to those of you that I haven’t physically seen or spoken with since 2018!!! I hope your year is starting STRONG! I have to be honest, today was tough for me. [...]

Four Solutions for Getting Results While Working From Home

When I traded my 2-hour commute into Manhattan for my 100 step walk to my home office, I thought I was in for the time of my life! “Working from home will be amazing!” I thought to myself, as I [...]

Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time

Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time Where did October go? Are we really in the last week of the month, and closing out the last quarter of 2018? WOW! Anyone else feeling like we [...]

Goodbye Insignificance. Hello DREAMS!

I found out my rapper name in NOLA! Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a Great Girlfriends Tic Tac Toe Challenge on the Walmart stage during Essence Fest in New Orleans with my business [...]

Christian Girls Guide to Traveling to New Orleans

Every year, without fail, people ask me how I travel to New Orleans as a Christian woman and not “lose my religion.” Initially, I found myself offended by this question as I don’t consider my [...]

Five Questions You Should Answer to Establish Your Personal Brand Power

Your personal brand is the bread and butter of your personal and professional existence. Why? Because everything you say and do influences your ability to create meaningful engagement and meet [...]