The Day that You Leave Your Cell Phone Home

The Day that You Leave Your Cell Phone Home is a day for game-time decisions.

What’s critical to your accomplishments today?

Who do you need to speak with today?

How do you feel without the distraction of texts and emails buzzing at the rate of your heartbeat?

Are you controlled by your cell phone or is your cell phone controlling YOU? #yikes

Those were my questions as I sat feeling helpless without my constant companion. In the absence of my cell phone, I realized what my life was missing- Quality Time! Being without my cell phone gave me plenty of time with me, my thoughts, my heart, and my notepad. It gave me presence, as there was no thumb-tap to take me away from captivating conversations or people that I’d never really looked in the eyes at work. Who knew my co-workers were this interesting? Who knew the view on my morning commute was this peaceful? I sure didn’t.

You see, this day of helplessness quickly turned to hopefulness because my eyes opened at an entirely different level. I became more aware of me- and less aware of the demands on me. I grew more optimistic and proactive around my day versus being responsive and overwhelmed by the force of communication from others! It was terrific to feel aligned and had more control over the day and what I could organically contribute, instead of being pushed into the pressure to meet everyone else’s TEXTpectations.

So who’s leading your day? How are you setting the mental and spiritual mold for your time and energy? Do you find yourself folding into the whirlwind of that mobile mind, or are you creating standards for a world that empower you to be in the drivers seat?

Here’s what I believe: in order for you to deliver your best self each day, you have to make the practical steps that will give you with the spiritual/emotional/mental/physical stamina critical to getting ahead. Here are a few things that you can do should you EVER find yourself sitting without your favorite gadget one day:

  1. 1.Take time each morning to sit in gratitude and reflection on all of the grace in your life.
  2. Appreciate each new day and the benefits that lie within them. Then celebrate, because everything that follows is subject to your leading.

Last but least, I triple double dog dare you to

  1. “ACCIDENTALLY” leave your cell phone at home and experience the liberation and joy that I felt on that great day this past fall. And when you do, share your experience with me at

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