Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time

Three Questions You Should Ask to Reclaim Your Time

Where did October go? Are we really in the last week of the month, and closing out the last quarter of 2018? WOW! Anyone else feeling like we skipped a few months along the way?

I do. During September I felt like I was chasing time. I was trying to keep up with everything that was in front of me while hoping I could gain some clearance on my calendar just to be still. What I realized was that me being present for everyone else (husband, kids, friends, colleagues, etc.) meant I would inevitably be absent for myself. I was mentally exhausted and physically fatigued because my mind was multitasking and my body was dragging along trying to face the commitments that I made without collapsing along a side street in NYC.

I don’t want to be everywhere, doing everything, with everyone! I like the quality of my time and my relationships to be premium, leaving little room for things that don’t add value to my quality of life.

So, I did something different in October that I am super proud of: I RECLAIMED MY TIME!

It wasn’t easy because reclaiming my time meant saying no to people that I treasure in exchange for stillness and serenity that can only be accomplished when we stand in harmony with God. I definitely got pushback from colleagues who wanted me to be present on projects where I was “needed,” but I had to remember that I need me more than anyone else, and as a responsible servant and leader I have to give back to me what I want to receive from others.

Now, I’ve said all of that to challenge each of you to do the same. If you are drowning in your commitments and feeling cloudy because your mind is in a fog, it’s time to stop and reset and reclaim. Reset your calendar to prioritize yourself first, and let what matters flow from there. Reclaim your time to ensure that you are in possession of your days and can account for what takes place in your life. I want to be present wherever I am, and you deserve to be present wherever you are.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself as you move into November:

  1. What do I want to achieve in November?
  2. Where should I invest my time in November?
  3. What do I need to eliminate and integrate into my calendar in November?

AND THEN DO IT!!!!! Really do it.

Really go after your needs and your wants in November saying “yes” and “no” where necessary, and understanding that some people in your life may not respect your decision but you do! Don’t second guess your instinct to move your time and calendar differently. As you synchronize with God’s creative plan for your life, you’ll recognize that sometimes stillness is an opportunity to hear His master plan and move into it.

I can’t want to hear your commitments for November! Share them in the comments below!

Remember to be bold, be BRAVE!


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  • Leilani Carbonell

    Thank you for this post Sybil! The last few months have been a whirlwind for me as I am starting my new business while working my day job too and of course committing to being present as a wife and mother. The top things I want to achieve in November are: 1. Eat healthy (no fried or processed foods) and daily exercise. 2. Schedule a date night with my husband. 3. Plan a weekly check-in meeting with my SIS Circle advisory group to help me with my business.

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