Three Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now

Hello hello!

And happy new year to those of you that I haven’t physically seen or spoken with since 2018!!! I hope your year is starting STRONG!

I have to be honest, today was tough for me. PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY tough. As I entered my gym, LA Fitness, I was afraid of what I was facing. Yes, it’s only a gym, but for me it was a reality check.

Not only am I 15 lbs overweight, I am also physically weaker than I’ve been in a long time. Like years….

The reality check was sobering and a reminder that we cannot segment the success of our lives. Success is a 360 degree approach to living. Success is the mental, physical, and spiritual ability to explore whatever your heart desires, when the desire becomes clear.

The worse part about being physically disinclined is knowing that I’m missing out on some of the greatest experiences that my life has to offer SIMPLY by segmenting my success and telling myself that my excess weight isn’t as bad as it truly is.


But I’m making changes!New application of the knowledge that I have pertaining to health and wellness. New outcomes and expectations of my mind to support my body in a new, refreshing way, that will empower me to play kickball, zipline, go running, and do whatever I choose.

For me, having a choice in the matter is a layer of my total life SUCCESS.

I’m telling you all of this so that you can get real. Here are three questions that you should be asking yourself right now to get honest:

  1. Where are you lacking results the most? – Assess your stress and locate the root of your deepest anxiety. Are you financially strained, physically exhausted, mentally overwhelmed, or spiritually empty? Be honest and specific about the areas of your life that don’t look like YOU. The real YOU. The best YOU.
  2. Why are you lacking results in this area?- This is where the truth hurts! My physical weakness came directly from a lack if discipline and respect for my body. I allowed myself far too many cheat days, weekends, and late nights in 2018. As a result, my body became overwhelmed and began to decline. My clothes simply did not FIT! LOL! I was lacking results because I put in very little effort. Tell yourself the honest truth.
  3. What’s separating you from your highest and best application of the knowledge you already possess? You see, we are not lacking resources, we are lacking application! My separation came from putting my attention on everything except for my physical fitness and hoping that my life wouldn’t suffer as a result. Crazy, right?

Get HONEST, get to WORK, and claim your total life SUCCESS!

Ok, now that we’ve gotten the difficult part out of the way, I want you to CLICK HERE and listen to this week’s edition of The Grace Podcast! Pastor Kim Jones-Pothier, known as @realtalkkim shares how God took her mess and turned it into a powerful message of hope for women around the world! I promise you this one is a #GAMECHANGER!

Oh and I’m taking on a small group of game changers for this next BRAVE GROWTH CIRCLE. If you’re ready, CLICK HERE. (there are only a few slots remaining!)

Remember to be bold, be BRAVE!


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